Product Modules | Caregiver Effectiveness | Patient Satisfaction
Increase Caregiver Effectiveness


  • Improve Nurse Satisfaction and Retention
  • Increase Patient Safety
  • Eliminate Wasted Nurse Footsteps and Phone Calls
  • Increase Unit Level Teamwork
  • Reduce Lost/Hidden Equipment

“At a Glance” real-time workflow information exchange ensures that support staff are aware of the important tasks which helps eliminate constant tracking down of resources. Awarix enables nurses to focus more on care giving, thus raising their overall job satisfaction.

“At a Glance” Geographic Patient Care Communication Boards
The Awarix Patient Care Communication Board replaces the departmental white board as the foundation for workflow information exchange in the hospital environment. The power of the Awarix Patient Care Communication Board is its ability to bring together key information from clinical, ADT, environmental services, transportation, and location systems all in “at a glance” map displays. Using large screen displays mounted at key places throughout each unit, clinical staff can see stat-orders and lab results while support staff can see how to prioritize service tasks. Administrators can instantly communicate current occupancy levels or emergency information to the staff across the enterprise.

Order and Results Notification System
The Awarix Patient Care Communication Boards put important information in context. Specifically, orders and results are effortlessly and efficiently communicated to staff. For example, a red “O” over a room indicates a stat-order for the patient in that room. Available results are noted with an “R.” The red “R” shows when results are marked low or high. As the notifications age, the icons fade on the board. The time and pace at which the icons fade is configurable. The Awarix Patient Care Communications Boards give care providers a “thumbnail” view of current clinical events at one look, reducing nurse steps and eliminating delays in communication of clinical events.

Support Staff Teamwork Management
Excellent support staff teamwork begins with real-time communication between departments and functions. Awarix encourages teamwork by providing an enterprise awareness of work overloads making it easy to share resources and shift priorities. Awarix allows managers to effectively place staff before a crisis occurs so that stat-clean orders are minimized. In addition, an enterprise awareness of patient transport activity will increase staff efficiency by eliminating transporters’ empty moves.

Automated Equipment Monitoring
Awarix allows staff to quickly locate any piece of equipment or person. With Awarix’s Quick Search utility, users simply type in the item for which they are searching. The results of the quick search are shown in a list. Clicking on the item brings up the map where the item is located. Complex searches can also be run. Awarix programs check the type of assets that need to be found and then look for them within several selected areas across the hospital. Rules-based notification wizards can be used to monitor equipment. For example, CICU may need a minimum set of transport equipment. If the unit has less than the defined minimums for more than an hour an email is sent to central supply to correct the deficiency.